MCWEL welding generator features a welding range which are capable of  precision adjustment. Its 550amperes output is catered for 1.6 to 8.0 mm Air Carbon Arc Gouging and Stud Welding and its provides auxiliary power while welding.

We are also able to include an option to fit the machine with a fixed Protection Bracket which will make transportation easier and allows it to save space whilst protecting the machine.

Our Service To Support the Welders

  • Parts Sales :
    Parts for the MCWEL products to support a smooth operation of the machines.
  • Repair Service :
    Established service and workshop capability to provide after sales support.
  • Maintenance Contract :
    Peace of mind maintenance contracts are available.
  • Extended Warranty :
    Peace of mind extended warranties are available.
  • Rental:
    You may rent the machine to test out the machine, stand-in during a repair, when there is a peak in requirement, etc.
  • Operator Training :
    Qualified trainers to train your operator to ensure a smooth operation of MCWEL products.
  • Load Testing :
    Quality test of the generator with load before a delivery, after a repair, etc.