MCWEL generator being a product of Singapore since 2006, can be found powering villages, construction sites, factories, hotels, buildings and etc, throughout the Asean region. Though MCWEL GENERTATOR had over the years proven its reliability, we have never stopped to continuously improve its design, quality and after sales support, all so that we would be capable of bringing a generator which offers the best value to customers.


Customer can include and add the following options:

  • Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Synchronizing & Parallel Operation
  • Distribution Box
  • Integrated Distribution Box
  • Remote Radiator
  • Extended Exhaust
  • Additional Sound Attenuation
  • Additional Fuel Tank
  • Protection Bracket
  • Extra Silent Design
  • Spill Containment

MCWEL water pump features a self-contained design which allows the discharge of water to be carried out with ease. The enclosure reduces the noise level that typically comes during a water discharging operation.

MCWEL welding generators features a welding range which are capable of precision adjustment. Its 550amperes output is catered for 1.6 to 8.0 mm Air Carbon Arc Gouging and Stud Welding and it provides auxiliary power while welding.

We are also able to include an option to fit the machine with a fixed Protection Bracket which will make transportation easier and allows it to save space whilst protecting the machine.