MCWEL generator being a product of Singapore since 2006, can be found powering villages, construction sites, factories, hotels, buildings and etc, throughout the Asean region. Though MCWEL GENERTATOR had over the years proven its reliability, we have never stopped to continuously improve its design, quality and after sales support, all so that we would be capable of bringing a generator which offers the best value to customers.

MCWEL GENERATORs features an accessible maintenance frame. Daily routine inspection of the generator can be carried out behind two doors. The access and space are more than adequate for a technician to carry out his servicing work with ease.

MCWEL GENERATORs features a low-noise engine which emits a noise level that does not exceed 75DB (measured at 7-meter distance from the machine) with no load. In addition, the design of its air flow, exhaust, fan, vibration absorption and enclosure were all taken into extensive consideration. As such, this reduction in noise levels allows users of MCWEL Generators to satisfy local environmental requirements.

MCWEL GENERATORs features a dual voltage system. This enables users to use the generator in different environments that may require different voltage outputs. By changing over the short connection plate in the control panel, the three-phase output voltage can be switched to 200/220v, 400(380)/440v and vice versa. Upon starting the engine, the indication lamp at the operation panel will display the operating voltage immediately.


Customer can include and add the following options:

  • Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Synchronizing & Parallel Operation
  • Distribution Box
  • Integrated Distribution Box
  • Remote Radiator
  • Extended Exhaust
  • Additional Sound Attenuation
  • Additional Fuel Tank
  • Protection Bracket
  • Extra Silent Design
  • Spill Containment

Our Service To Support the Generators

  • Sizing Consultancy :
    Our experienced engineers are able to evaluate your power requirement  and recommend accordingly.
  • Parts Sales :
    Parts for the MCWEL products to support a smooth operation of the machines.
  • Repair Service :
    Established service and workshop capability to provide after sales support.
  • Maintenance Contract :
    Peace of mind maintenance contracts are available.
  • Extended Warranty :
    Peace of mind extended warranties are available.
  • Rental:
    You may rent the machine to test out the machine, stand-in during a repair, when there is a peak in requirement, etc.
  • Operator Training :
    Qualified trainers to train your operator to ensure a smooth operation of MCWEL products.
  • Load Testing :
    Quality test of the generator with load before a delivery, after a repair, etc.