Genset (MGK6000)

All parts images shown are current parts used for our McWel machines. In the event the sample parts have been sold out, we reserve the rights to offer and supply equivalent or alternative parts with similar function and usage.

Charging Alternator  
Part Number: K6K-170F-16100200
Model: MGK6000

Part Number : K6KAVR51A
Model: MGK6000

Control Card
Part Number: K6K Control Card
Model: MGK6000

IKY Fuel Pump Stop Solenoid Valve 
Part Number: IKY-170F12001
Model: MGI45S / MGY16S, 20S, 25S, 31S/ MGK6000

Remarks: This part is used with (VE Pump) Distributor-type injection pump.

Oil Filter Core
PN : K6K-KR180N10310
Model: MGK6000


Air Filter Element
PN : K6K-186F07100
Model: MGK6000


K6K Crankshaft Oil Seal (Front & rear)
Part Number: K6K-COS30508
Model: MGK6000S

Remarks : Use at Cylinder Block Assembly

K6K Lever Shaft Oil Seal 
Part Number: K6K-170F11008
Model: MGK6000S

Remarks: Use at Governor Speed Control